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St. Patrick's Day Sale & Kits + Instructions for a Four Leaf Clover!

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In honor of St. Patrick's Day - most GREEN fabrics are 15% off or more with coupon code CLOVER 

We've got this great four leaf clover project to share with you! We sell kits here, or just follow our instructions and use our free pattern

Here is the finished clover:

finished clover 

What you will need:

supplies you will need

  • Scissors
  • Less than 1/8 yard of green fabric. We used this. A fat 1/4 will give you 6 small squares of a bunch of green tones. On sale for $3.95 per fat 1/4!
  • Glitter glue or some kind of glue or paint (for extra sparkle, but also to prevent fraying)
  • Thread
  • Button
  • Small piece of felt
  • Needle
  • Clover template pattern (We made this one with 3 sizes included that you can print for free. The medium sized template is what we used for these clovers.)

Step 1:

Cut out your small, medium, or large size clover template. (We used the medium one for our clovers) Pin the clover template to 4 layers of fabric (If using a thin fabric. If you are using a thicker fabric, or felt, it would be best to cut out one or two layers at a time.) Cut out your clover leaves.

pinned template to fabric squares

cut out clover leaves 

Step 2:

Using glitter glue (we used gold) or some kind of glue or paint, glue around the edges. This is to prevent fraying but also adds some sparkle!

apply glitter glue around all edges

Step 3:

Thread your needle. Now baste or gather stitch along the bottom edge of one leaf.

gather stitch along the bottom of one clover leaf

Step 4:

Repeat with all four leaves. 

gather stitch at the bottom of all four leaves

Step 5:

Tie a knot. Not too tight, not too loose.

tie a knot

Step 6:

Adjust your leaves so they make a clover shape.

adjust to clover shape

Step 7:

Cut out a small circle of felt for the back. This will create a backing for anything you want to add (a stem, a pin back, a barrette clip, etc).

cut out a small circle of felt

Step 8:

Start sewing your button onto the front middle of the clover. After a few stitches through the shank or holes, I started sewing on the circle of felt to the back at the same time. Adjust the leaves as you are sewing on the circle to help them stay in the place you want them to.

button and felt circle

sew on the button

sew on the felt circle

Step 9:

This is optional, but I think it makes it look more clovery. Make the stem. Take another square of the same fabric. About 2.5 by 2.5 inches or so. Start rolling it (as tightly or loosely as you would like). When you get close to the other end, fold the other end in a little so as not to leave a raw edge on the outside. 

square of fabric

start rolling

fabric rolled

Step 10:

Thread your needle once more. Draw the thread through one end of your rolled stem (the end that you want at the bottom of the clover. Now, I wrapped the rolled stem with thread up to the other end. Again, you can do this as tightly or loosely as you want, or even taper the tightness. Once you get to the other end, draw the needle and thread through the fabric a couple times. Now, you can directly attach the stem to the felt circle on the back of your clover. Do this with a few stitches. Then, just use a little more glue or paint on the raw end.

draw needle and thread through one end

attach stem to clover



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